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Round Trips

Discovery Tours
This category of tours includes more extensive programs, ranging from 9 to 14 nights. These are generally more inclusive than others, the only thing not included being the gratuities. You’ll be taken to various regions and see the most representative sites in each.
The information acquired is of a more general nature, but the diversity of sites & experiences is greater than with other tours, which are more focused on a specific theme. These are a type of programs more suitable for people who come to Romania for the first time and would like a more global perspective on what the country has to offer.
History & Archaeology Tours
These tours will enable you to uncover the facts concerning the most important historical events and periods in Romanian history. They will contain visits to some of the most remarkable archeological sites this country has to offer (Histria, Adamclisi, Sarmisegetusa, Rasnov, etc.). Benefit from the knowledge of our seasoned guides & tour leaders and learn new exciting facts about Dracula’s myth, the Communist Regime in Romania, the forming of our people, or our Royal Family.
Gain unparalleled insight into the fascinating history of the only Latin people in the Balkans!
Culinary & Wine Tours
We aim to introduce you to the fascinating Romanian cuisine & wine tradition. Influenced heavily over the centuries, by the peoples in our immediate vicinity, Romanian cuisine has managed to perfect, or even reinvent the foreign dishes which had become popular over time, in the country. Therefore, we’ll make sure you’re be able to sample the dishes, that have made Romanian cuisine unique. We’ve also been able to amount over 2000 years of wine making and to have one of the best assortments of wines in the world. Visit ouor most famous wineries.
World Heritage Tours
Romania has been blessed with dozens of incredible monuments & landscapes which are scattered on its territory like jewels in a tiara. Over 25 UNESCO sites can be visited by foreign guests on our World Heritage Tours. These are longer tours and can offer remarkable insights, thanks to the specialized tour leaders that we use for this type of tours. The guests have a chance to admire these sites without being rushed and have the opportunity to interact more with the locals, be them craftsmen in the area or nuns in a Moldavian monastery.
Miscellaneous Tours
This is a special category which can supply you with somewhat surprising, or less conventional ways of spending your time while in Romania. Choose from the programs that offer stays of 3 to 7 days in Romania, during some of the best music, art & film festivals in Europe. Go pub crawling, shopping or gambling, or just let us organize the perfect night-out for you and your friends, in one of Black Sea’s hottest clubs.
Activity & Adventure Tours
These tours may vary in length from a half-day, or a full-day tour, to an entire week of exciting activities & adventures. From group activities, such as: beach games or mountain biking, to pottery making & treasure hunting, everything goes. That’s why we may choose to implement activities like these in our incentive programs.
Under the watchful eye of our specialized trainers and instructors, we’re sure to come up with new & exciting ways to spice up your tour.
Culture & Nature Tours
Through programs like these, you’ll be able to get more insight into the lives and customs of the ordinary people in Romania and see the beauty of our landscapes, in the meantime. Local home visits, traditional manufacturing centers, small quaint villages will likely be a part of these tours. You’ll visit village communities and see how they prepare and celebrate for Easter, Christmas, or other important holidays.
Religious Tours
Embark on a quest for Romania’s most sacred relics and spiritual islands. See the churches and the monasteries which are at the core of Romanian spirituality and learn about our view of God and of the world around us. Visit the most important & influential pilgrimage sites in the country.
Leisure & Wellness Tours
Spend weeks relaxing in the famous Romanian spas! Book sojourns in some of the finest hotels in Romania situated either in our mountain resorts, or on the Black Sea Coast. Gain access to anti-aging Gerovital treatments and experience the curative potential of our thermal and mineral waters. Benefit from the fresh and ionized air of the Carpathian peaks.
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