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The cruise business has become increasingly competitive and in addition to quality of service, the price has become very important. In less words, value for money has become the point of focus. That is what we are striving to offer, each time we write the proposals for our cruise clients. We are very pleased that our mix has proven to be the right one. Well-paced, informative and well-priced tours, were handed over to the best guides and tour-leaders that our country had to offer, and it all paid off. We have reached a point of balance in our activity, that allows us to expand our shore excursion palette to further satisfy our guests and cruise partners.

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We have developed and tested many programs over the years, so that we are able to provide the right extensions and overland tours for our cruise clients. We take many variables into consideration, such as: group size, average age, main interests, so that the program offered is as close to the group’s wishes as possible. We also get the most advantageous flight arrangement for our cruise clients, so that they can get back to the ship, or back home, in time. It is also important to us that they do not feel rushed and that the arrangements we’ve made for their return are not botched, but fell like a natural continuation of the program we’ve prepared for them.


We operate in all Romanian ports on the Danube River & in the largest maritime port of the country, which is Constanta. Many cruise companies have discovered us to be reliable and efficient in providing port services for them. Being connected locally also helps in expediting procedures and formalities, which is a major asset when it comes to cruise ships. We try to be prepared with contingency plans, so that unexpected bumps in the road do not derail the shore excursions scheduled, or the processes which ensure that the ship gets what it needs.
Our dedicated team is well prepared and able to offer all types of logistic support for any vessel, regardless of its needs or size.
We also offer a good service quality to cost ratio.


These are complex and often unpredictable processes and we approach turnarounds with maximum focus and seriousness. Our well trained staff is sure to cope with the requirements and deliver the support needed, while maintaining a positive and forthcoming attitude towards our clients.

Virgil Stan
Virgil Stan

Cruise Manager
Phone: +40 241 480 363
Mobile: +40 723 217 492
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“I manage the Cruises Department and I supervise all cruise ship calls to Romania, be it ocean, or river ships!”