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Business Travel & Events

Your business travel arrangements always have to be perfect, so that you can focus on the business at hand without worrying about the viability of your flights, hotels, or transfers. Danubius Travel understands that and offers quick, seamless and transparent arrangements which give you control over your travel expenditures.
For us, our business travel clients are a constant priority. Dedicated people within the department provide you with speedy access to the most advantageous tariffs when it comes to plane tickets, transfers, accommodation, venue reservation for corporate meetings, conferences and events, professional staff, or entertainment.

  • You benefit from an integrated system for Business Travel services which includes accommodation, ticketing, transfers, rent-a-car, train tickets and MICE
  • You get instant access to all TUI products worldwide
  • You can streamline your budget with competitive rates in 50.000 hotels worldwide, Romania included
  • You can easily control your travel costs using Air Plus tools
  • You get permanent assistance from our staff for crisis management
  • You can reach us by an e-mail and a phone number, both available 24/7, which are dedicated only to our corporate clients
  • You will always have support and transparency through our personalized reporting service.
  • You benefit from our tailored concepts and themes created from scratch for each corporate event
  • You get introduced to attractive locations, perfectly suited to the theme of the event and the number of participants
  • You receive full support in negotiating the most favorable tariffs for all event related services
  • You can come to us for indoor and outdoor team-building activities for which we can provide all the necessary logistics (i.e. catering, entertainment, tents, Eco-toilets)
  • You can count on us to deliver the proper decorations and fixtures in accordance with the specifics of each event.
  • You will receive specialized welcoming staff, promoters and professional hostesses.
  • You will always have our undivided attention, as we provide 24/7 assistance and personalized reporting.

For you, getting a pertinent proposal in a reasonable time-frame can be the difference between success and disaster. You will save time and you will save money with our team of professionals at the helm and an array of services which will consistently be up to par.
Since 2011, Danubius Travel has become a part of Eurolines Group, now the largest Romanian tourism company. Using the group’s joint purchasing power, Danubius Travel is able to negotiate special rates with airlines and hotels, thus working in the best interest of the corporate client.
With regards to corporate events, the high work-standards within our agency, coupled with the unique experience and expertise of the professional staff, allow us to organize and successfully manage an event of any level of complexity and budget. In order to carry out our promise, we will assist your every step in the whole process of theme development and customization all the way to the grand finale.
We believe that a successful event is not only about logistics, but also creativity!


Diana Preoteasa
Diana Preoteasa

Business Travel Manager
Phone: +40 241 480 377
Mobile: +40 733 001 086

“I am a perfectionist and I consistently provide our clients with the high standard business services they demand.”

Cristina Dragomir
Cristina Dragomir

Event Manager
Phone: +40 241 480 359
Mobile: +40 724 457 718

“I am excellent at multi-tasking and I always like a challenge. The more complex the event, the more resourceful I get.”